Current Security Alerts

Phone Scams in Nebraska

Phone scams are spreading in Nebraska. Some recent reports include:

Phone Scammer Poses as Relative Asking for Bail Money

“These callers are typically targeting elderly citizens and grandparents. These scammers know names with even a few details about their grandchildren they are posing as according to Sheri Hurlburt.”

Data Leak Alert: First American Financial Corp exposed

“First American Financial Corp., one of the largest U.S. title insurers, may have allowed unauthorized access to more than 885 million records related to mortgage deals going back to 2003, according to a security researcher.”

High Number Of Scams Plaguing Area Spurs Public Safety Reminders

“Common scams we’ve seen in our area are the IRS imposter scam, grandparents scam, lottery and sweepstakes scams and various internet loan scams,” said O’Neill Chief of Police Matt Otte. “Most recently we have been notified of multiple telephone scams claiming to be from DISH TV, a computer repair service, and from social security where law enforcement action has been threatened.”

Scammer Claims Citizen Had Missed Court Date and Jury Duty in Holt County

“The scammer then wanted the citizen to get a prepaid card and give them the number on the back of the card. The scammer then instructed the citizen to take the card to the sheriff’s once to be reimbursed for the fines.”

Never provide personal, bank, or credit card information requested over the telephone or in an e-mail.